Raise Your Spirits With The Pool Boys

Raise Your Spirits With The Pool Boys

You know what’s even more contagious than a cough or sneeze? A deep, rumbling belly laugh that leaves your sides aching and your eyes streaming. Laughter isn’t only the best medicine, it boosts immunity, lowers stress hormones and helps prevent heart disease.

If laughter is what the doctor ordered, patients must start getting in line to see the latest film from the creators of the uproarious American Pie franchise, “The Pool Boys.” As encouraged by the magazine Scientific American Mind, laughter actually reduces stress by easing tension and relaxing muscles, which keeps you more focused and productive. Your daily dose of laughter is as important as your dose of fiber or vitamin C.

Well, science confirms it: watching comedies and succumbing to relaxation are necessary for your health! So treat yourself to the playful mischief of “The Pool Boys.” The rated-R flick stars Matthew Lillard, “The Descendants”; Brett Davern, the budding actor from MTV’s hot show “Awkward.”; and “Twilight” villainess Rachelle Lefevre.

Innocent college student Alex (Davern) spends a summer in Los Angeles with his savvy, pool boy cousin Roger (Lillard). Since the pool boy business isn’t raking in the cash, the cousins concoct a scheme to start a brothel. Miraculously, they have access to the perfect mansion and plenty of hot chicks to make it work. But like most businesses with little foundation, criminal activity and dirty money – mischief abounds.

Roseanne’s Tom Arnold graces the screen with a crass cameo, surrounded by a series of other comedic hijinks. As business heats up and threatens to boil over, viewers see how far people will go to make money. The escort business predates Ponzi schemes by millenia, although the film’s dominatrices and pool parties are a nice modern touch.

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